UHMWPE Reinforced High Performance Membrane

Product Description

QuanClesTM is the brand name of the high performance membrane with characteristics of high strength and advantageous properties. It composes of UHMWPE fabric and modified TPU resin. UHMWPE fiber has the highest strength among all reinforcement fibers and a density lighter than water. With UHMWPE fabric as reinforcement, QuanClesTM has far higher tensile strength, tear strength and burst strength than traditional membrane with lighter weight. TPU resin is also the best of its kind with high strength, high modulus, high elongation rate, excellent properties of anti-aging and low temperature resistant, and the best anti-abrasion property. bines the world’s strongest fiber and world’s strongest resin, making QuanClesTM the strongest membrane in the world.

In specific applications, QuanClesTM can be tailor-made to be fire-proof, self-cleaning, anti-yellowing and colorful, meeting different needs from customers.


Product CodeAreal-weight
Tensile Strength
Surface Treatment

Main Product


9014 has ultra high strength-to-weight ratio, high tear strength, and burst strength. It is corrosion resistant, wear resistant, UV resistant and low temperature resistant, especially suitable for usage in harsh environment. It can be made into marine salvage airbags and boat fender, which are light and strong compared with traditional rubber products. QuantaFlexTM can be combined with polyurea or PVDF of different color to meet customers’ special requirement.


7010F is gained from PVDF covered 7010. It reached a certain fire-proof level and has self-cleaning characteristics. High strength-to-weight ratio of QuanClesTM means it can reaches a relative high strength with a relative light weight, making it especially suitable for making even larger span air dome structures without braces and pillars inside, greatly improved construction efficiency and saved space inside. Meanwhile, unlike common PVC membrane, QuanClesTM is more environmental friendly, for its resin TPU is healthier with no irritation odor volatilization. Thus QuanClesTM can create safer and cleaner inside space for inflatable air structures, such as air dome, airships, and portable military tents.


QuanClesTM-14016 demonstrates ultra-high tensile strength, excellent cut resistance and wear resistance. It’s the best material for inflatable landing craft and ship fender, which need to be light and strong. Landing craft and fender made with QuanClesTM is lighter but stronger that they can support landing at higher intensity or in extreme environment.

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